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Rick Bergmann - Nebula (Original Mix)

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Next Show airs on 02 October, 7pm (GMT)

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Next Show airs on 30 September, 8pm (GMT + 1)

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Do.Magical.Things Festival

01 - 03 September : Vageira, Portugal

CARRY ON REGARDLESS, THE PSYCHEDELIC WAY, THIS IS SPARTA, & THE MAGICAL FORMULA Have all teamed up to bring the heart of London's Underground to Portugal and take you on an epic psychedelic adventure into wonderland.

Our DJ's will blow your mind and release your spirit with 3 days of non stop music on a fantastic 16K rig of the highest quality.

Do Magical Things Festival, Portugal

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I have bought myself a number of VST instruments, some cheap and some expensive and I love them all, but I also have a few free instruments in my collection. It's obvious that the paid for ones are really good and will do everything that the free ones will do, so why do I have the free ones in my collection? For starters, simplicity. I like the simplicity of the free ones. I find they are a lot easier to learn than the more complex VST's. Another factor would be CPU usage. As they are smaller, with less features built in, they require less…

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